Fire Safety Training

Safety is all about prevention; legislation is all about other peoples misfortunes

To understand and implement your legal requirements is just the beginning, but to have the whole of your workforce involved in safety is the aim. We can offer a range of staff training packages including our in-house practical training session. To arrange training give us a call or fill in an online enquiry form.

All employees need to know what action should be taken in the event of a fire, including;

  • How to raise the alarm to warn others
  • The location and use of fire escape routes
  • The use of portable fire extinguishers
  • How to assist visitors and/or members of the public
  • Location of the nominated assembly point
  • How to contact the fire and rescue service

The legislation states that….
Everyone should know what hazards the fire extinguishers are provided to cover (what fire risk each appliance is designed to cover) and the dangers of using the wrong extinguishers (on the wrong fire risk). Sufficient numbers of employees trained in the use of extinguishers should always be present when the workplace is occupied. The training provided should ensure these tasks are carried out efficiently and safely

Guardian Fire Protection services understands that staff training in fire safety is an essential part of the complete fire protection service. We provide training courses at the clients premises, our courses include lectures, DVD presentation and practical scenarios, provisioning all candidates with actual hands on experience.

Fire Training/Awareness Training Course

Our courses last approximately two hours and include the following Fire and Safety DVD presentation, discussions on what is fire, different fire risks, fire triangle, extinguishers their use and how to use them, question and answer session, a practical session for use of a range of appliances (weather and conditions permitting). Following completion of the course participants are issued with a named attendance certificate. Our courses are ideally suited for 12 persons (this allows course members to be able to familiarize themselves with all the different types of extinguishers during the practical session)

Fire Marshall/Warden Training Course

As with the fire training awareness course but also covering legislation, what is fire, daily vigilance and hazard spotting, at risk, evacuation techniques, fire protection, fire wardens’ routine check, action in the event of a fire and fire fighting equipment. This course lasts approximately for three hours. We recommend that this course is ideally suited to 12 persons.

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