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Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting and Fire Safety In an emergency situation, the sudden impact of darkness on occupants can not only be frightening but can cause serious danger and can make the process of evacuation a much more complex task. Emergency lighting is the perfect solution if your premises is faced with a power failure. Under the current fire legislation and British Standards, it is a legal requirement to provide an illuminated escape route/s from a premises until a place of safety is reached.

Whether or not your premises requires an emergency lighting system will be determined by your fire risk assessment documentation. We can arrange to install an emergency lighting system in accordance with BS 5266 to provide adequate emergency light cover in the event that the building standard lighting circuit fails.

Emergency Lighting Inspection

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires that where installed emergency lights should be tested by a competent person on an annual basis, to ensure that each light will remain illuminated for the full design duration (which is normally 1 or 3 hours). In the event that any light does not sustain illumination for the required duration, it may require replacement batteries or a replacement light unit.

User Checks on Emergency Lighting

Where practicable a daily visual check on all emergency lights should be carried out to ensure they are in good working order. On a monthly basis you should stimulate a power failure to the lighting circuit (there is normally a key and a test point to enable you to carry out this test). All emergency lights need to be illuminated at this point. Once you have determined that all emergency lights are working correctly you can reinstate the power to the emergency lighting system. Record the details of your check in the fire log book.

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Emergency Lighting and Fire Safety


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