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Fire Alarm and Detection Systems

Farm Alarms and Detection SystemsAn effective fire alarm and detection system is crucial in all environments from offices, commercial and business premises through to care homes to day care facilities. The type of fire alarm system required for your individual premises will be specified in your fire risk assessment documentation. We can arrange to install the required fire alarm system in your premises to give you the required level of protection and an advanced warning system in accordance with BS 5389.

Fire Alarm Installation

Our comprehensive fire alarm service includes the design, installation and commissioning of all types of fire alarm systems, our dedicated fire alarm team have the skills and experience to ensure that the system is installed to comply with all current fire safety legislation.

Fire Alarm Maintenance

It is a legal requirement to ensure your equipment functions as intended in the event of a fire. We can arrange for a comprehensive high quality maintenance inspection of your fire alarm and detection system in accordance with BS 5839, which requires a competent person to service the fire alarm.

User Checks of Fire Alarm and Detection System

You (as the user) are required to visually check the fire alarm panel on a daily basis to check that the charge indicators, inspect any fault showing and inform the relevant person/s of any fault discovered. On a weekly basis you should test the system by operating a call point, including a check of the sounders around your premises. Each week you need to choose a different call point in a zone (if applicable) in a rotation system, this ensures that all call points are tested over a period of time. Remember to reset the fire alarm panel after carrying out your weekly test. Ensure that all call points and detectors are checked and free from obstruction. Record the details of your check in the fire log book.

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Farm Alarms and Detection Systems


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