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Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are available for all types of risks. Guardian Fire Protection services only supply extinguishers that have been certified to British Standards BS EN 3 and have been British Standard kite marked. All extinguishers that we supply carry a five year warranty provided that the appliance has been serviced in accordance with the current British Standards BS 5306 part:3.


Extinguishers should be regularly and routinely inspected by the user, prefably at monthly intervals to make sure that appliances are in correct position and have not been discharged or lost pressure. Read more about Fire Extinguisher Maintenance >

What type of fire extinguisher to use?

Firstly you need to identify the type of material within the area

Class A - Fires involving solids including paper, wood etc
Class B - Fires involving flammable liquids including petrol, paraffin, oils etc
Class C - Fires involving flammable gases including butane, propane, methane 
Class D - Fires involving metals including magnesium, aluminium etc
Class E - Fires involving Electrical appliances
Class F - Fires involving cooking fats and cooking oils

Water Extinguishers

Class A

A water extinguisher is still the most effective way to put out a Class A …

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A FFF Foam Extinguishers

Class A & B

A FFF foam extinguishers provide a fast and powerful means of tack…

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Powder Extinguishers

Class A, B & C

Often known as the multi-purpose extinguisher as it can be used…

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Carbon Dioxide Extinguishers

Class E

The non-conductive qualities of CO2, makes it an ideal appliance when deal…

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Wet Chemical Extinguishers

Designed for use on cooking oils and fats (deep fat fryers). Not to be used on fires involving …

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Dry Powder Extinguisher

Class D

Specifically designed to deal with fires involving lithium, magnesium, sod…

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Stainless Steel/Chrome Extinguishers

Ideal where interior design of a premises and/or hygiene are an important consideration in fire…

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